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Cat Bowls

At Feral Goods 'we’re freaking obsessed with cats,' says owner, Simone Borcherding. They've created a range of designer and vintage homeware, apparel and lifestyle products inspired by cats. The products have a quirky urban feel and the majority of items are handmade locally. 'We’ve tried to move away from the cat lady cliché and make cat paraphernalia cool, cute and curious,' says Simone, who founded this business at the beginning of 2013 as a passion project. Simone is responsible for hand crafting the ceramic items, such as this Kitteh Ashtray (or, a cute cat bowl for holding random bits and bobs). 'I make stuff I want and love, if other people like them it’s amazing, if not then I’ve still created something that makes me happy – it’s a win win situation,' shares Simone. Feral Goods also collaborates with local illustrators and designers to develop cat-inspired products such as notebooks, tote bags, jewellery, clothing, tattoos and anything else that’s fun and feline. In addition there’s a growing range of handpicked vintage and imported goods. 'I spend endless hours ogling over products on the internet and want to share them with other kitty-crazed people.' A percentage of sales goes to a cat welfare organisation based in Cape Town. Visit their Facebook page for the full range of products, their website (currently under construction) at or email Simone on to order and get your hands on your very own cat bowl. She can also be contacted directly on 073-496-7811.