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Cape Fridge Fragments

These fridge magnets are made from shards of blue and white porcelain that I have found throughout the greater Cape Town area. As part of my aim to get to know the Mother City on a more intimate and deeper level, I like to go for walks in and around the mighty mountain and its surrounding areas. It is at the bottom of cold river beds, in raw and earthy parking-lots and leafy vineyard paths that I find these little Cobalt and Ivory Jewels. Working at the auction house Stephan Welz & Company, I learnt how to distinguish an 18th Century Chinese shard from a late Victorian example. I gain my pleasure trying to attain where the shard originally came from, when the original ceramic piece was made and which pattern or design the shard once was a part of. Each piece has its own history and like a finger print, no two are identical. Clinging on a modern refrigerator like a limpet, the Cape fridge fragments evoke a whimsical play of then-and-now, clean domesticity and dirty resting places, broken and whole. With a bit of appreciation and respect, yesteryear’s kitchen mishap is transformed into a unique kitchen gem. Chandler House is a small design studio that Michael Chandler set up in 2010 after leaving the art and antique auction world. It is his interest in antiques and the Cape’s visual history that inform his current designs. Says Chandler: “The Cape visual history is rich and largely untapped. I hope that by using it as a source of inspiration, my designs might encourage people to look into our rich cultural past and appreciate how unique and rich it is. And have fun while doing it.”