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Bute Road

Genevieve Elliot, owner of Shapes Garden & Home Decor on KZN's trendy Bute Road has collaborated with a range of decor-related businesses to provide a centralised space to source new items. We chatted to her to find out more about her inspiration and the benefits of small business collaboration. Tell us a bit more about your business and the concept behind Shapes? Shapes is predominantly a garden decor business offering a selection of 'hard landscaping' items such as concrete pots, water features, wrought-iron stands, garden statues, tables and benches. Recently, we also introduced a range of interior decor items including candles and vases. How did you decide to combine a range of services within your decor business? The driving force behind uniting like-minded businesses was twofold. On the one hand the concept was to create a ‘home’ showroom. On the other, it was to share the costs. Anyone who owns a business understands that operating costs escalate and every business at 15 Bute Road benefits by sharing expenses. The nature of Shapes’ product range necessitates a great deal of outdoor space so the first collaboration with Tuscany Paving was ideal, as combining 'pots and paving’ is mutually beneficial. With this collaboration working so well, we moved to focus more on interiors and attracted more decor orientated businesses. The greatest value in collaboration is the ability to expose oneself to a greater target market. For us, it’s always wonderful when a customer looking for poolside paving also makes a pot or wallpaper purchase. What products and services do Shapes and the other businesses offer? Shapes offers both garden decor and interior decor. Tuscany Paving is one of KZN’s largest paving manufacturers. China Blue Interiors are decorators with creative flair. The Wallpaper Decor Company offers an extensive range of wall coverings and Ceramica Tile Boutique sells beautiful tiles for indoor use. What are your favourite decor and interior trends I can’t get enough of brass. I love how it revs up a space and it’s so timeless! I am currently looking for brass bathroom accessories... For more information about Shapes and Bute Road, visit Text Nadia van der Mescht