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Build a LEGO Cityscape

Most well known as a source of great joy for kids with a penchant for building things, LEGO has upped the ante so significantly since it launched in the mid-1990s that it now promises hours of enjoyment for adults too. And the brand’s latest range of cityscape kits is clear proof of this development. Launching in January 2016, the new sets invite 'players' to build the skylines of major world cities – New York City, Berlin and Venice are first on the cards – out of its signature mini bricks. Each scene features the important landmarks of the urban hubs, like the Empire State Building in New York, the Rialto Bridge in Venice and the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, and the package includes a booklet detailing information about every building's designer, architecture and history. What's more, the models are all real works of art, with true-to-life colours, realistic relative scales and structures that are very rewarding to put together. LegoArchitecture The kits form part of LEGO's Architecture line, which is designed for architects and creatives but until now has mainly focused on individual buildings of fame, like the Louvre and Big Ben. So the move to whole skylines is a great advancement, especially for those who have an interest in city structure. LEGO has been quoted as saying that the cityscapes are meant to appeal to 'city visitors and city dreamers' as well as those who call these places home. So if you’re considering a career in urban planning or are a keen traveller who’s eager to explore a city before buying the plane ticket, maybe you should put these impressive kits on your 2016 wish list. Get the sets from LEGO's online shop when they are released on 1 January 2016. Image credits: