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Both Sides of the Track

This August three local artists come together to showcase their work at the Alex Hamilton Studio Gallery, in the ever-inviting Woodstock. As one of Cape Town’s renewed cultural hubs and current neighbourhoods of interest, Woodstock is the place to be to witness the work of up-and-coming as well as established local artists. Sarel Petrus, Alex Hamilton and Antoinette du Plessis will be exhibiting their work, all with the same common thread: the ever-changing urban environment. Gauteng artist Sarel Petrus will be showcasing his unique sculptures and wall pieces, born of bronze, wood and found material. A collector of bits and bobs along the byways and other pit-stops visited in the course of his travels, Sarel’s work tells the story of the all-but-forgotten lives among us. As one of the first creative tenants in the Woodstock Industrial Centre, having moved in 6 years ago, Alex Hamilton is no newcomer to the sights and scenes of the area. In this exhibition, his work focuses on the concept of old customs and renewal intersecting in a highly visual clash. The iconography of the suburb is captured in its architecture, landmarks and street art, with an overriding message of hope and respect. And so the graphic language of graffiti, road signs and advertising comes to the fore. Alex’s meticulous stencil cutting method is a metaphor for the social tensions at play. A resident of Ysterplaat – a neighbourhood known in the past exclusively as the location of the Ysterplaat air force base – Antoinette du Plessis uses this location as the visual inspiration for her work. Now as much of a social melting pot as Woodstock, Ysterplaat offers much in the line of visual character. Antoinette’s often gritty paintings emulate the imagined street corners, sidewalks and stories unfolding around her, often conveying a murky disposition. Both Sides of the Track is running from Thursday, 11 August to Friday, 9 September 2011. Opening night: Thursday, 11 August 2011, 5pm – 9pm Opening Times: Tuesdays to Fridays, 10am – 4pm; Saturdays by appointment   The Alex Hamilton Studio Gallery Unit B203 Woodstock Industrial Centre 66 Albert Road Woodstock Cape Town