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Bespoke Vessels

Production Laureen Rossouw Photographs Jac de Villiers Old treasures and beautiful bespoke vessels filled with blooms from your garden create tablescapes inspired by colourwashing. Aspen & Co shows you how...

Containers in different heights and colours create interest. Ginger flower and camellias all from Aspen & Co; rusted brass vase R120, Milnerton market; turquoise rock vase R185, Kalk Bay Trading Post; background painted by Cathy Theron. Flowers throughout by Aspen & Co.

Vases in rich chocolate hues dramatically offset white camellias. Camellias as above; large bud vase R251, small bud vase, R160, squashed conical vase, R319, squashed tumbler R296, trunk-shaped vase R593, bird R109, all by Ceramic Matters and available from Mamba; background as above.

Bring the forest into your home with vessels and flowers in shades of green. Amaranthus, Waratah, macadamia, lace and pussy willow, arum lily, green hydrangeas and mint leaves all as before; squashed tall flutes R547 each, tall trumpet vase R547, medium trumpet vase R274, all made by Ceramic Matters and available from Mamba; dark green jug R240, Hans Niehaus Collector’s Specialist; glass vase R250, Lim; background as before.

Place glass containers inside wooden bowls to accentuate the lines and texture of the wood (do not hide the glass). Combine with stacked plates to complete the picture. Cup of Gold (Solandra maxima), magnolia and syringa branches all as before; tall wooden Ethiopian vessel R1 335, teak bowls R195 each, teak side plates R119 each, teak platter R275, recycled tea-light holders R29 each, all Lim; background as before.

Create a rustic look with old-fashioned flowers and leaves in simple vessels on textured cloth. Wisteria, chrysanthemum and vine leaves all as before; Afghani water bottles R120 each, Kalk Bay Trading Post; round vase R25, Milnerton market; hemp runner (30cmx4m) R365,; background as before.

Delicate poppies in pastel shades evoke a fashion shoot with floaty evening dresses. Poppies as before; squashed trumpet vase R650, fountain-shaped vase R638, mushroom-shaped vase R730, slug-shaped vase R251, small bowl-shaped vase R342, all dip dyed by Ceramic Matters and available from Mamba; background as before. This article was originally featured in the December 2009 issue of House and Leisure.