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Wasps have such a bad reputation these days. They invade our gardens and homes with their nude-coloured nests, sting our fruit and sometimes even the hands of a curious child. People are wary, if not down-right afraid of them. But they are such beautifully-designed creatures; they are to bees what greyhounds are to Jack Russels. I think that they could do with a bit of a public image overhaul. Just think; what would a garden summer lunch party be without the sound of bees and wasps buzzing in the perfumed air? And just how many grubs, flies and maggots would reclaim space in the vegetable garden if the wasps weren't here to keep them at bay? I hope these entomologically-inspired napkins invoke a renewed appreciation for our friend the wasp. The embroidered images of the wasps were sourced from the sepia pages of an old dusty entomology text book. Made from very fine Egyptian cotton, these hand-embroidered napkins have mitred corners and measure a generous 63cm x 63cm. Chandler House is a small design studio that Michael Chandler set up in 2010 after leaving the art and antique auction world. It is his interest in antiques and the Cape’s visual history that inform his current designs. Says Chandler: “The Cape visual history is rich and largely untapped. I hope that by using it as a source of inspiration, my designs might encourage people to look into our rich cultural past and appreciate how unique and rich it is. And have fun while doing it.”