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Bedside Luminaries

If you’re a mum or dad, you’ll know the importance of routine in your children’s lives – the routine of getting up in the morning and going to bed at the right time at night. If you need a helping hand to calm the night-time chaos, it might be useful to invest in a bedside luminary. The Philips myBuddy is a range of bedside luminaries that help children know when it’s time to fall asleep, wake up and comforts them at night. This adorable bedside light  helps to set regular sleeping patterns for your little ones, offering a choice of three functionalities to help your child differentiate between night and day in a fun way. Gentle light for bedtime reading It offers a gentle reading light for soothing bedtime stories. With a simple on-off button and warm white light, children can enjoy you reading their favourite stories, or read on their own, in a safe comforting light that won’t harm their eyes. Comforting moonlight effect signals it’s still sleep time Once they fall asleep, the moon nightlight glows softly, lettings kids know it’s too early to wake up. The light is also cool to the touch, making it a safe tableside light as your little ones sleep. Sunlight effect shines and lets them know it’s time to rise and shine Just before switching off the light in the evening, simply set the timer at a time to suit your family’s rhythm. The moonlight glow is then replaced by a brighter shining sun that tells them the day has begun. The design is available in fun, assorted colours and is a helpful bedtime edition to your busy household. For more information on myBuddy, view or contact Wesley on 071-159-5627 or Ioanna on 082-389-9005 from Globug. Order online at or visit their showroom at 36 Morsim Road, Hyde Park, Johannesburg. Globug is the main distributor for Philips & Massive Lighting in South Africa.