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Baroque and Contemporary meet at Versailles

As I speak type, I am sitting in my new, temporary home office, that my mom and I set up yesterday. It is a wonderful sunny spot. From my desk I have a great view of the garden and the bird bath where the doves come in the mornings. It is actually their little library that is now 'on loan' to me while we are here. It even comes with a soft, sunny couch for the Pappilons to lounge on. I will post some pics in the week. It's going to be a great working home, until I can get my own studio/house going again. (We are a bit nomadic at the moment. More about this later...) Today, I would like to share some more Parisian inspiration. You might have noticed that I am a little bit obsessed with Paris and France. During our engagement holiday, as I like to call it, we spent quite a bit of time in Paris and the surrounding countryside. One of my favourite day trips was the day at Versailles. It was exactly as glamorous and gorgeous as I had imagined it to be. We had great fun exploring the gardens and retracing the steps of Louis and Marie. It is exactly because of my little obsession that I like to stay abreast of what is happening over there. And today I can share something quite exciting with you. The latest is that Versailles will be host to an exhibition by the contemporary artist Bernar Venet. He has been invited by Le Château de Versailles to exhibit his work there, for 2011. Bernar, who is not so well known in Paris, is a 70 year old french minimal artist based in New York. Last year there was some controversy with Jeff Koons and Takashi Murakami. So Venet, with his “corten” steel rods, seems rather tame in comparison. Seven of his sculptures are located in the vast garden and at the entrance to the son Château. Here are a few rather exclusive pictures of this exhibition starting June 1st. I am not quite sure what my take is on these installations. Truthfully, I wish I could see them up close in order to make up my own mind. There is a strong contrast between them and the intricate and ornate glamour of Versailles. It is very interesting though. What do you think? Lelanie Slater is a talented combination of interior designer, writer, blogger and lover of all things unique, beautiful and creative. She is the editor and curator behind Of Beauty and Love. This blog is a space where she features trends, products, images, inspiration, people and more. The criteria? Be lovely, unique, and interesting. Pictures are courtesy of Trendland.