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Bamboo Vanities

When it comes to your bathroom, vanities offer ample storage space, either in the cupboard below the basin if it is a floor-mounted vanity, or in the drawers underneath the basin if it’s a floating, wall-hung vanity. Besides serving a practical purpose, they can also play an important aesthetic role in creating the perfect ambience you want for this important room. A new trend is vanities made from bamboo - this material provides a beautiful natural look that is a durable and eco-friendly alternative to wooden vanities. Some benefits of bamboo include:

  • It's the fastest growing plant on earth, reaching maturity within four years.
  • It has a positive carbon footprint so it absorbs more carbon dioxide throughout growth than is released during the manufacturing process.
  • It is a plentiful, renewable and natural product with many remarkable characteristics, including strength and durability.
  • It also has its own antimicrobial agent called bamboo-kun, which makes the bamboo wood naturally resistant to various fungi and insects, including mildew and termites. This makes bamboo ideal for damp areas like bathrooms.
HL asked Liza Watermeyer, Retail Display Coordinator at Tile Africa, to share a few tips on how to select your next vanity.
  • Vanities need to be in proportion to the available space. Select a slim vanity for a small bathroom and an oversized one for a spacious bathroom.
  • Bathroom accessories need to complement each other. For example, if you decide on a sleek vanity with a square-shaped basin, opt for taps in sharp lines to match the look.
  • Home owners should decide on the look that they are after, consider their needs and identify who will be using the bathroom. It is also important to

     allow for adequate storage space.

  • To create a masculine look, opt for a mahogany or a pitch black vanity with a black basin.
  • For a spa or nature-inspired bathroom, curved lines and flowing shapes will assist in creating an organic look and feel.
  • Family bathrooms require more storage space so a practical double-vanity unit that can accommodate two basins will take care of the clutter and help alleviate the morning and evening bathroom rush.
  • Keep the look simple and make sure that new fittings and fixtures match the rest of the bathroom decor, especially if you’re only upgrading one section of your bathroom.
Tile Africa has released a new bamboo vanity range, which is both on-trend and extremely versatile. For more information call 0800-002-783 or visit