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Art Intertwined with Fashion

Ira Bordo

Right now we've got our eyes on Russian fashion designer Glagoleva Olya and her eco-friendly brand GO's collection Artist At Home, which stitches art and fashion together in the most captivating way. Olya has picked one of the hottest contemporary artists on the Russian art scene to collaborate with, Lisa Smirnova, and together they've created a range that's pretty enough to frame. The collection takes inspiration from the workwear of painters and other artists, transforming garments into distinctive, wearable pieces of art. Fabrics used in the range include cashmere, organic Indian hemp, cotton and denim as well as vintage towels and plaid blankets. GO GO2

'The collection tells the story of a painter whose studio and home is a single space, where both home and work clothing mix together. The story of the creative process will captivate you and transport you to the artist’s parallel reality,' explain the creators.
Go3 colb4 Every item of clothing is a one-off piece, decorated with delicate embroidery that looks like pencil crayon sketches and reflects Lisa Smirnova's intricate style. The process of creating each garment can take up to 100 hours, so the final product is truly something to be treasured. Go5 colb6 This project is a reflection of GO's current commitment to collaborate with artists from around Russia and the UK to create fashion that teeters on the edge of contemporary art and is as desirable from a collector's perspective as any painting or sculpture would be. We have to say we're excited to see these two worlds come together and we hope to see it happening more and more on South African soil too. Go7 colb8 Be sure to check out Lisa Smirnova's Instagram account to view more of her amazing work in embroidery and illustration.
Lisa Smirnova’s Instagram A collection of photographs from Lisa Smirnova’s Instagram account.

If the topic of creating art from embroidery interests you, you can read more here about local artists who are turning textiles into masterpieces. Credits for images of the Artist At Home collection: photographer: Ira Bordo, model: varya shilova, make-up: Marina Grin, set design: Lisa Smirnova, art direction: Glagoleva Olya.