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Art History gets Feline

It's not secret that cats have taken over the internet. With their nonchalant fuzziness, their cute antics turn even the most mundane moment into a delight. But here's something you thought wouldn't be likely: cats taking over art masterpieces. Yes, you read correctly. Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring has acquired whiskers and ginger tabby facial hair, while a painting of famous comedian Groucho Marx sees him sporting pointy ears along with his famous moustache. Operas and ballets such as Carmen get a look-in too. groucho carmen Before you wonder what the world will think of next, take a look at these hilarious and silly images by artist and cat lover Susan Herbert. Sadly, the artist died in 2014, but her work lives on in a book called Cats Galore, that serves as a collection of some of her finest pieces. catsgalore   Find the book via Thames and Hudson. See more of her works here.   newsletter_sept     Be inspired by visionary house and extraordinary art in HL September issue 2015!         READ MORE: Over 100 prints to own Art in a disused outbuilding Fine wine becomes art