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Arenhold Living

Susan of Arenhold Living sources and imports antique and retro furniture that is unique and difficult to find locally. She chats to us about her inspiration and favourite pieces. What was your inspiration behind starting Arenhold Living? My passion is furniture, antiques, modern, old or new and when a piece caught my eye, I would invest in it for my own home. I had a certain look in mind, but at the same time I didn’t want my home to look like a catalogue. Through the process of collecting, I discovered some real gems. Sourcing furniture online, at auctions and at second hand stores became my hobby, which has grown into my business. What do you love most about sourcing unique furniture? I love finding something special; it may just be a piece that is old and well made or perhaps something that is unique, unlike anything I have seen before. If I personally like it, then I feel assured that someone else will like it too. Do you have a favourite piece of furniture that you have discovered? And why this specific piece? A mid-century modern ‘Long Dog’ G Plan sideboard. It was in mint condition and just needed a good dust and a bit of oil. It has two teak slatted doors that slide all the way round to the back of the unit; it is a truly amazing piece. It went to a good home and the woman who bought it was ecstatic. What should collectors look at when choosing antique furniture? Antique furniture will almost always appreciate in value because of its solid wood construction and craftsmanship. When you buy antique furniture you should always buy what you like and what you will want in your home for years to come. Look at the construction and condition of the piece from every angle. Look for inscriptions as well as at the wood type and finish of the piece. What would be your dream piece of furniture to find? A mid-century walnut sideboard by Kofod Larsen. I would rearrange my house very quickly in order to keep it! What can we expect next from Arenhold Living? More quality furniture sourced from Europe. I am also going to sell more home décor items such as crystal decanters and some Art Deco coffee accessories. I am in the process of sourcing some very exciting items... Arenhold Living’s imported furniture is available through Susan’s blog or contact her via to find out more. Interviewed by Nadia van der Mescht