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Anthology Pop-Up Shop

Artist Terry Angelos is no stranger to the local creative scene. To add to her many talents and extensive CV she recently opened a pop-up shop at Durban’s Windermere Centre. This large and beautifully decorated shop is filled with local decor, art, jewellery and vintage clothing. Small details have been added in Terry’s signature whimsical style, which gives the shop a delightful edge. Anthology is a must-visit for shoppers looking for unique local finds, which include creations by Nicola Savage, tape from Washi Bug and Sue Sylvester’s hand-printed tablecloths. There are also daily food demos by My Gourmet and craft activities led by Tina Withers and Terry herself. Visit Anthology until the end of January 2014 at Windermere Centre, 163 Lillian Ngoyi Road, Durban. For more information, visit Text Nadia van der Mescht