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Animal Heads

The pictures I have included are the creations of an amazingly creative design studio which is based in Paris and is comprised of artists Frédérique Morrel and her husband Aaron Levin. The two collaborate in the making of these incredible sculptures that explore the relationship between mankind, nature, the animal kingdom and the pursuit of happiness. Morrel says, 'In the beginning, my inspiration was to take animals that were represented in the tapestries. The most common one is the deer. Most animals say something symbolically that is meaningful for humans. The deer for example is a symbol of regeneration, the possibility to pass from one world to another in a single bound.' Morrel's collection features a variety of sculptures that resemble the hunting trophies traditionally associated with taxidermy. However, Morrel describes them as friends of the family and living creatures that have poked their heads through the wall to share their stories with us. All of the animal sculptures are unique and available in South Africa through Lusso. Please contact Tracy Lynch on 083-952-9368 should you wish to give one a home. Text: Tracy Lynch and Jeanne Botes