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Andile Dyalvane is showing a new body of work at GUILD

andile dyalvane A new show by leading South African ceramic artist Andile Dyalvane, Idladla, runs from 14 September to 11 October at the GUILD gallery, at V&A Waterfront’s newly developed Silo district in Cape Town. The solo exhibition will coincide with the highly anticipated opening of Zeitz MOCAA, Africa's first contemporary art museum. ‘Andile’s work is most compelling in that it is grounded in its tribute to the earth and simultaneously shaped by a lifelong affinity with clay and the story of time, space and process,’ says Trevyn McGowan, co-founder of Southern Guild. ‘This deeply personal connection to the medium is very evocative.’ idladla Exploring scope, scale and texture, the exhibit features gently rounded terracotta forms, marked with precise incisions, hand imprints and motifs that follow a strong architectural impulse. This architectural influence derives from the parallels Andile noticed in structures as distant from each other as upstate New York and Mali. Each piece pivots around the artist’s central values of cultural preservation and gratitude. Idladla is a ‘reminder of what we’ve lost but also of what can still be saved,’ reflects Andile. Visit for more details.