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An Alternative Home

By now you’ll have heard of Saint-Gobain and their innovative building materials that not only keep homes cool in summer and warm in winter due to their natural insulating qualities, but their non brick and mortar methods also result in homes that have better acoustic insulation and cleaner air! Since the inception of Stand 47, the brand’s sexy case study home on Monaghan Farm in Lanseria, curious people have been flocking to the house to experience its innovative and alternative building solutions themselves through the brand’s Winter Test series. We spoke to two of the test pilots, designers Kalika and Gerhard Painter, who are looking into using Saint-Gobain’s materials in their next build. This is what they had to say:   Why did you want to be test pilots for Stand 47's winter challenge? Since we met, thirteen years ago our dream has been to build a house together.  When we saw the case study on the website, we were convinced that this is how all buildings should be designed and constructed, it just makes sense! How much did you understand of the Stand 47 concept before staying there? Being an interior designer I understood the principles of the construction, but experiencing it takes it to the next level. And what did you discover whilst there? That it’s possible to stay in Joburg in the middle of winter and walk around barefoot in shorts at night without using any heating! How has your opinion of building with alternative materials changed? We as designers always try different approaches to problem solving, but felt restricted with regards to building materials as we haven't seen or experienced something truly sustainable and aesthetically pleasing in this country. Until now. What impressed you most of all about Stand 47? The ambient temperature! One of the evenings we spent there it was around five degrees outside, but inside it was twenty degrees. Will you be going the Saint Gobain route with your upcoming build? Yes, absolutely!   You too can be a test pilot at Saint-Gobains’ Stand 47, by applying here.