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Alfred Side Chair

A chair – but not a ‘usual’ chair – the Alfred Side Chair is the love child of two designers who value both form and function. Designed to fit every part of the house, it comes with small details that make it the perfect clothes hanger as well as a chair! The hook at the top can hold a belt, a tie or a scarf; the crossbar is perfect for hanging clothes, while the ground plane is useful for piling up magazines and books. Alfred is designed by Loris Jaccard and Livia Lauber, both Swiss designers who met in London and collaborated on a number of projects together with a shared interest in low-tech products, beautiful materials, manufacturing techniques and graphic designs. The chair is imported and sold at l’Emile et Son in Joburg, a concept design house owned by Sonia Zockhi-Dommann and Emile Pasqualle. Visit l’Emile et Son at 15 4th Avenue, Parkhurst, Joburg. Alfred retails for R3 500. View their website at or email them on or Call them directly on 083-308-7188 or 082-557-0150.