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Aesop Balms

Renowned Australian beauty range Aesop is now available in South Africa.

Having a particular scientific approach to beauty products, they use both natural and laboratory-made ingredients for a combination that gives the best results. They also favour medical brown bottles and tubes for packaging, with basic labels, and are completely devoid of typical styling, listing only essential information.

While the brand has a complete range of hair, body and skincare products, their hand and body balms are our favourites. There are three body balms including Geranium Leaf, Rind Concentrate and Rejuvenate Intensive for dry skins. The Resurrection Aromatique and Reverance Aromatique hand balms are perfect for tired hands. Each balm has a unique botanical fragrance and is available in 75ml up through to 500ml.

The Aesop range is now exclusively available from Loading Bay at 30 Hudson Street, Cape Town.