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A South African retail exhibition opens in Paris

Exciting news for the local design world: a South African retail exhibition has just launched at the renowned Le BHV/ Marais department store in Paris. The showcase features the wares of almost 40 makers from SA's design capitals, Johannesburg and Cape Town, including Wiid Design, Simon and Mary, Zana, Yswara and Klomp Ceramics. The project was brought to life by Artlogic and This is Cape Town, in collaboration with Le BHV/ Marais, and will run from 14 June to 31 July 2017. Situated within the 4th arrondissement, a historical and cultural hub, the store attracts over 60 000 visitors daily and has enormous potential to expose the electric pulse of some of the country's top designers to new, international audiences. For the duration of the exhibition, the BHV's exterior will be adorned with a characteristically South African design.
'Taking our brands into a large international retailing environment moves us closer to our audacious goal of ultimately securing permanent international supply contracts between the brands and the store, as well as other buyers in Paris. We see this trade and export opportunity as just one step in the pursuit of getting our high-quality South African products, which we so love, into homes and stores all across the globe. This project will craft a progressive narrative around the South African artisanal design market, which is growing and thriving with a new audacity and vigour,' says Artlogic director Mandla Sibeko. For more, visit and