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A Note From Paris

Paris is one of those cities that is eternally ageless and eternally sensual. Not the easiest of combinations, mind you, but Paris pulls it off with such élan every time. Every street corner is like a still from a movie - the graceful architecture, the cafe with the red canvas awning, the chic Parisienne with the ballet flats and the Hermès silk scarf knotted nonchalantly but stylishly at the neck - each image classic, iconic, and for me, nostalgic. It brings to mind movies from the Fifties and Sixties, like Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire, Belle du Jour with Catherine Deneuve, Breathless with Jean Seberg. Amelie with Audrey Tatou is of recent vintage, but possesses the same charm. To capture that same easy carefree spirit that is irresistibly appealing and undeniably romantic, try zipping around town on a Vespa (yes, we know it's Italian but Vespas are always the best for zipping around wherever you are)! Throw on a simple but chic shirtdress, or go for something classic but bursting with colour. Spray on a quintessentially French scent, and don't forget that Hermès scarf! Paris, toujours Paris!   Naomi Larkin Editor – House and Leisure   Captions: 1. Vespa GTS300, R85 950, 2. Femininite Du Bois by Serge Lutens, R995 for 50ml, available from 3. Leather bomber jacket, Paul & Joe Sister, R6795, available from 4. Draped dip-dyed dress, Joel Janse van Vuuren, R1399, available from 5. Shirtdress, Christopher Strong, R649, available from 6. Hermès silk scarf, not available locally,