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A local designer weighs in on the biggest jewellery trends for 2018

Image credit: Anter Blackbird on Unsplash

As a local jewellery designer, Geraldine Fenn is well placed to have an opinion on the latest trends in style and adornment. When it comes to fine jewellery, Geraldine believes that trends are vapid, although she acknowledges that they do affect the buying behaviour and taste of the consumer. Here, she weighs in with some of the trends that are already permeating the world of accessories, as well as a few of her own predictions concerning jewellery trends for 2018.

1. Bigger is better

After several years of daintiness in the world of jewellery, big and bold are back with a bang. From oversized hoop earrings to heavy chain bracelets, the current mood is for large, daring statement pieces. Locally, our buoyant currency and general president Cyril Ramaphosa-related optimism mean that people are more willing to spend on luxury items such as jewellery, and we'll probably see more elaborate fine pieces like engagement rings as a result.

2. Pearls are back (did they ever leave?)

Pearl studs by Eric Loubser

A staple of twinset-wearing women of a certain age, pearls have always had a bit of a prim and proper reputation. In 2018, however, they are cool again, thanks to designers like Delfina Delettrez and Chanel, who've injected them with some serious rockstar glam.

3. Mismatched earrings

Mismatched earrings by Geraldine Fenn

This is a trend that has resurfaced periodically over the years – I remember an uber-trendy aunt of mine in France rocking it 20 years ago – and it looks like it's back again. This time, however, instead of slightly different earrings that are still clearly part of a set, the trend is for wildly different designs on each ear. It's an easy and cheap one to pull off too, since you can just wear earrings from two different pairs that you already have.

4. Text

In the recent social-media-fuelled atmosphere of political protest around the world, a good slogan is worth its weight in gold. And now you can actually have your favourite catchphrase made in gold and wear it as a piece of jewellery so you'll be bang on trend. Word.

5. Bespoke

Studs by Nanette Veldsman

The buzzword of the day seems to be thrown around quite liberally. To clarify, bespoke means that something is entirely designed and made just for you, and nothing else like it exists in the world. If you can choose from a few options, like an initial for a pendant or a particular birthstone in a ring, it is personalised but not actually bespoke. Having a bespoke piece of jewellery made is cool for two reasons – firstly, because you get to have something completely unique, and secondly, because you are supporting a local designer, which should become a way of life rather than a short-lived trend anyway. There are many amazing local designers out there – support them!