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A field day

Our May 2012 Easy Living edition features a beautiful country picnic shot alongside a lake in Johannesburg. Our aim was to 'Take it Back', to travel back to an era where things were done in style, a time before disposable bakkies, paper plates and plastic cups. Our fabulous Joburg Decor team met with photographer Elsa Young at the Lonehill Nature Reserve where they laid out a luxurious spread that was testament to grand living, a display that'll make you want to call up your friends and meet in the great outdoors yourself. All the elements of the shoot were carefully considered and decor stylists Leana Schoeman and Heather Boting spent weeks sourcing an array of beautiful furniture and objets for the shoot. From picnic blankets to wire baskets, heavy wooden boards and stone bowls, they made sure they had a wide variety of goods to set up a stunning shoot. Their aim was to keep it natural. They used neutral hues and organic materials to emulate the feel of a winter, country picnic. At the last minute they decided they needed a rowing boat, and after much running around they found the perfect one – an old-school, wooden boat that would look just great banked alongside the lake. On shoot the stylists and Elsa worked hard to make sure every detail was in place. The end result was absolutely stunning, with a picnic that exudes easy living in a graceful and elegant way. Leana and Heather give the following advice for anyone wanting to set up their own stylish picnic, or to use these decor elements in the home:

  • It's all about grandeur – do things in style, and you'll feel just how worthwhile your effort was.
  • Buy quality, strong products that have a sense of weight and importance. Just because disposable is available, doesn't mean you have to use it.
  • Use sturdy materials – steel trays, wire baskets, stone plates and heavy wooden boards will make all the difference in your presentation.
  • Keep things natural when it comes to colours,  textures and materials.
  • Dirty colours such as greys, slates, putty and donkey work brilliantly in this kind of set-up.
  • And if you are having a picnic, have fun! Take lots of pictures, and don't forget to pack the wine...
Look out for the final results of our country picnic shoot in the May 2012 issue, which is on shelf now. Text and images: Roberta Coci