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A Cross-Cultural Collab

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume a world of difference lies between the cultures of Japan and Finland, separated as they are by the not-inconsiderable landmass of Russia. And indeed, there are a rather large number of differences between the two countries. But they share at heart an aesthetic sensibility rooted in a rich minimalism.

Iittala x Issey Miyake – a collection emerging from, as you might guess, an alliance between Finnish design legend Iittala and Japanese fashion luminary Issey Miyake – expounds on this relatedness in a family of refined homeware. Featuring 30 ceramic, glass and textile pieces, the collection and its simplicity binds a subtle but pronounced philosophy predicated on a fluid harmony.
From pleated cushion covers to placemats, cups and plates to napkins and tote bags, Iittala x Issey Miyake contains a big enough spread of items to suffuse a living space with its mantra of #PauseForHarmony. The items relate to one another with a pentagonal motif that is distinctive without being despotic, utilising forms that push playfully at their polygonal bounds with a soft angularity intended to provoke and soothe simultaneously. They are available in a range of colours that take their cue from the hues of spring, including green, pastel pink, cream and grey. Four years in the making, this is a striking and (perhaps) surprisingly appropriate collaboration; here’s hoping it doesn’t take another four years to see more from the pair.