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Cold Weather Comfort

If you're dreaming of enjoying steaming winter meals while the rain pitter-patters outside the window, you'll be happy to know that French homeware brand Le Creuset has just come out with a covetable new colourway to complete the picture. The new hue is Mist Grey and offers a beautiful alternative to the bright colours that the company is known for. The smoky tone falls in line with Pantone's Autumn/Winter colour palette for 2016, which includes a grey shade to represent stability and strength. The shade also transcends any gendered references, in keeping with current trends. LCG115_original (1) The new Mist Grey is especially versatile as it both compliments a minimalist kitchen and also works to offset brighter items in a more vibrant cooking setting. There is also a timelessness to the shade, which allows it to stay stylish and relevant across seasons. We love the look of Le Creuset's Signature Round Casserole, classic jug, sleek coffee press and stackable cream and sugar set in the new colour.

IMG_5045_original.1 Signature Round Casserole Dish in Mist Grey

Jug in Mist Grey Jug in Mist Grey

Coffee Press in Mist Grey Coffee Press in Mist Grey

The new colour will be available in both the enamelled cast iron and stoneware ranges from 9 June 2016 in-store and online. Visit for more information.