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9 Intergalactic Items

We've listed a few of our favourite Star Wars-inspired appliances and homeware items below as inspiration for fans who’re keen to bring the sci-fi’s iconic characters out of the far, far away galaxy and into their homes.

1. the vader toaster

DarthToaster Image credit:

  Shaped like the head of Darth Vader, this sleek-all black toaster will ensure that the force is with you and your morning toast. The dramatic appliance even imprints the Star Wars logo on every slice of bread. Get it from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

2. the yoda alarm clock

YodaAlarm Image credit:

If someone's going to disturb your precious sleep, it might as well be the wisest and most skilled Jedi Master of all time. This quirky LEGO clock comes with a snooze function (so you can quiet Yoda for short intervals) and a back-lit LCD screen. It's available via, along with a wide assortment of other Star Wars-inspired products.

3. the darth vader apron

apron Image credit:

Our guess is you'll find you suddenly have the power to make out-of-this-world meals when you wear this cotton character apron. It can be ordered via Amazon.

4. star wars monopoly

MonopolystarwarsAt Hamleys toy shops around South Africa, fans of the film series can pick up a themed edition of Monopoly that challenges players to conquer the Star Wars galaxy by purchasing planets and setting up bases around the universe. Participants play on teams - you pick either the dark side or the light side - but only one player can ultimately win.

5. the r2-d2 shower head

R2D2shower Image credit:

Clean yourself of all things dark and dirty with the help of brave droid R2-D2 and his new ability to squirt water from his insides. This ingenious fixed shower head from Oxygenics comes with three different spray settings and is available as a handheld Darth Vader head too. Pick it up at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

6. the stormtrooper head lamp

HeadLamp Image credit:

Need some help seeing the meat you're braaing at night? Or finding your way to bed when loadshedding hits? This surprisingly pleasant stormtrooper head lamp is ready to assist. Two LED lights are positioned at the bottom of the figure's legs, which can be angled in the direction you need them to point, and just for fun, the arms are movable too. You can buy the lamp through

7. star wars ice cubes

icetray Image credit:

Just imagine how impressed your Star Wars-loving dinner guests would be if you plopped a Han Solo-shaped ice block into their pre-supper G&T? Jollylife has developed these themed silicon trays that can be used to make anything from ice cubes to chocolate treats in the shape of Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper, the Millennium Falcon, an X-Wing Fighter, R2-D2 or Han Solo. The set of six is on sale via Amazon.

8. the death star waffle maker

waffle Image credit:

The fluffy treats that come out of this innovate waffle maker will most likely be far too delicious for you to feel guilty about turning to the dark side. This ThinkGeek creation features non-stick cast aluminium cooking plates that press the ominous Death Star design into both sides of the batter, leaving you with a 3D space station exploding with goodness.

9. the darth vader utensil holder

Holder A Ceramic Factory design, this moulded Star Wars-inspired utensil holder is perfect for anyone eager to store anything from pencils to proteas in Darth Vader's head. The local store also stocks a Stormtrooper mask.