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8 websites for design lovers

‘I’ve always felt happiest submerged in the creative world,’ says curator Amy Ellenbogen of SMITH studio in Cape Town. After studying art history at Stellenbosch University, Amy worked in publishing before founding the contemporary gallery with longtime friend Candace Marshall-Smith. But it’s not just art that Amy has a passion for: ‘I’m so excited by design right now,’ she says. ‘I think integrating the worlds of design and art encourages new, and young, art buyers.’ As a comrade in the appreciation for design, Amy gave us a list of her favourite websites for design inspiration. ‘These links are to sites that constantly inspire me or expand my understanding in design. I think there is a clear difference between fine art collecting and design but I believe the new collector is very aware of what is going on in both the design world and art world.’

for the love of architecture

RS Urbain & McGee Architects - Church StreetIMG_1059-001-4 Urbain + McGee is an architecture and design studio by Reanne Urbain and Alex McGee based in Cape Town. Its site offers glimpses into the contemporary light and airy spaces – such as SMITH's Cape Town gallery – that it's known to create.

for the love of a basket

RS Lo-DesignAfrika When it comes to woven goods, Design Afrika has you covered with its broad selection of basketry. The items are handcrafted using ancient African basket weaving techniques, and the result is something with both quality and function.

for the love of the outdoors

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A company that started making gear suited to alpinism has branched out to include many other outdoor sports, such as snowboarding, surfing and trail running. Patagonia's social channels, including Instagram and YouTube, really capture the beauty of nature and the outdoors.  

for the love of light

Thingking is a design consultancy based in Cape Town that uses conceptual reasoning to come up with inventive solutions for design problems. Two examples that really showcase this within the lighting industry are the Halo Light Project and the Stick Light.

for the love of storage

RS IMG-6785-b Pedersen and Lennard's design offering is off-the-charts inspirational. Amy is a big fan of the shower storage unit, which houses all your products - and maybe even an air plant.

for the love of graphic design

RS tumblr_nq5czmllyC1uwe5qto1_1280 Dale Lawrence, Franco Fernandes and Claire Johnson head up Hoick Studios, which is a graphic design consultancy in Cape Town. They've worked on identities for brands such as Studio-H, Max Bagels and Street Food Festival.

for the love of local linen

MUNGO HL is a great lover of the textiles coming out of Mungo, and Amy agrees. The handwoven towels, linen and napery always offer a chic, unique touch to the living space.

for the love of the basics

CKr770gWoAEmG5c American artist Donald Judd was a proponent of minimalism in his artistic work, and later in his work with furniture and architecture. He fought for his art installations and exhibitions to be permanent features and you can have a look at some of those at The Judd Foundation.

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