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7 reasons to buy our November issue

The November issue of House and Leisure has hit shelves countrywide. Displaying the hallmarks of a brand new redesign, the magazine has a fresh visual outlook, exceptional photography and new layouts that strike the perfect balance between text and imagery. Centered around the theme of the issue - 'The Luxury of Now' - the content delves deeply into those things we all love to indulge in and the places we aspire to visit. From moments of quiet reflection to time spent with family, this is HL's edit of life's most important indulgences. Here are a few of the highlights you will find between the pages of this stellar issue:

an embrace of simple sophistication

With the redesign of this issue, art director Ian Martin returned to classic fonts. Drawing inspiration from the interplay between serif and sans serif, yin and yang, 'house' and 'leisure', Martin turned to the godfathers of typography - Helvetica and Bodoni.

a treasure island home

We profile a Mount Edgecombe home with a considered design and offbeat details that gives it a luxe resort feel, inspired by contemporary tropical style. Find out how one couple is bringing the magic of the Caribbean to the design of their abode.

plants of the air

Our garden feature looks at how to incorporate naturally beguiling, low-maintenance air plants into your living space. It's the perfect way to add a modern spin on greening up your interiors and there are a myriad of beautiful species to choose from.

the scoop on vegan ice-cream

Everyone's favourite frozen dessert gets a vegan makeover at artisanal ice-cream gallery, Unframed Ice Cream in Cape Town. We get inside this pop-up museum to indulge in a few mouth-watering flavours and get to know owner Yann Rey.

an excuse to go shopping

To complement House and Leisure's curated selection of lavish must-haves, we asked five local luminaries to share their recipes for total sensory indulgence in our shopping feature. Here's your chance to reinvigorate your body and mind.

a brand new 'view' section

Designed in modern tabloid style, the upfront news and trends content has been repackaged in the form of a new section called VIEW. Bringing something fresh and new to the landscape of House and leisure, the VIEW section features a curation of design and art, based on the 'Luxury of Now' theme.

get connected

As part of our smart home feature, we look at a range of high-tech devices and intelligent solutions to connect your living space with the world of digital and discover the limitless potential of 'the internet of things.' The HL November 2016 issue is on shelves from 17 November.  Subscribe to receive your issue of House and Leisure every month at