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7 curated Instagram accounts to follow

What was once a fun way to share selfies and badly lit food snaps has become an opportunity for everyone to have their own personal gallery, used to promote their work, lifestyle, or both. Although it hasn't quite made it into the Oxford English Dictionary, the term 'Instagram influencer' is used widely and is even a viable career these days. From foodies and travel junkies to fashion designers and artists, there's no shortage of talent on Instagram – but it can be a little overwhelming to manage your own browsing experience. For exactly that reason, we've compiled our must-follow list of 7 Instagrammers who have a strong design eye. Their beautifully curated feeds have our thumbs itching to 'double tap' on likes.


curated instagrams Curated by Palesa Kgasane (whose personal Instagram is also worth a follow), The Mzansi Moodboard is a platform for creativity in as many spheres as possible, with a special emphasis on young women of colour. With an aim of going on a 'journey together through Africa', this Insta feed is loud and powerful, filled with beautiful designs, fashion and people.


curated instagrams In her bio she describes herself as 'The Curator', and that's exactly what she is. At only 17 years old, Lindi is one of South Africa's biggest bloggers, and looking at her feed it's easy to see why. It's minimal, mature, chic and, as Heidi Klum would say, 'fashion-forward'. Her monochrome palette is so pleasing that if our eyes could drool, they would.


curated instagrams A London-based photographer and director, Aleksandra Kingo walks the line between arousal and discomfort, creating a world where lipstick stains are a blessing and bananas are pastel pink. She describes her aesthetic as 'feminine awkward neo-pop'. Her garish images are surreal and playful, toying with our senses of disgust and attraction.


curated instagrams Sibongile Cassandra Twala is a lifestyle curator and management consultant. She describes herself as a 'body of contradictions' and even though her career choices may reflect that, her Instagram feed doesn't. Her aesthetic is white, bright and desaturated, with the resounding colour being a neutral grey. Both her blog and her Instagram achieve a simple look without being plain – which isn't nearly as effortless as she makes it seem.


curated instagrams Velma Rossa is also one half of the sister-brother duo 2ManySiblings, a blog that documents eye-catching street style and an insatiable appetite for vintage shopping. With Velma's impeccable eye for design, it's no surprise that her Instagram is a looker, and we just can't tear our eyes away from her casual, moody style.


curated instagrams Influenced by the Memphis Movement, the Ndebele tribe and Optical Art master Victor Vasarely, Camille's signature style is 'tribal pop' with a boundless energy that puts a smile on peoples' faces. A purveyor of powerfully positive digital prints, she finds – and creates – vibrant pops of colour everywhere.


curated instagrams It's clear from Belgian interior designer Jade Vijt's Instagram that she loves her pastels – and let's be honest, who doesn't? Her feed is feminine without being twee and, as a whole, it's super easy on the eyes.
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