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6 Weird V-Day Gifts

Valentine's Day is meant to be the most romantic day of the year, but sometimes we can make a really bad gifting decision. Here are six really weird gifts you could be receiving this V-Day, you lucky fish:

1. I Heart Guts Heart of Gold Metallic Plush

9-Plush copy

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2. Fred and Friends 2-CARAT CUP Solitaire Ring Mug, Gold

12-Carat copy

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3. The Clucktch Bag


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4. Cop Au Vin Bottle Stopper

19-Coq copy

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5. EMT Emergency Insulated Lunch Bag

24-LunchBag copy

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6. Heart Gelatin Plastic Mold

29-Gelatin copy

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Can't get enough? See the full list from Brit+co here.