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modern craft, traditional artistry, curated collaborations: 6 reasons to read our May #HLCraftIssue

South Africa is home to so many great, skilled artisans. Craft, handiwork and making things from scratch is in our DNA: it informs a rich, tactile product offering that’s seen as exciting and interesting all over the world. In our May issue we peruse this idea of 'craft' in its myriad forms. Discover the art of modern craft – organic elements, bright colours and an artful mix of traditional and modern techniques; curated collaborations and craft-centric homes; naturalistic scenery and new, unusual culinary flavours. We hope you enjoy tapping into this treasured realm of creativity.

1. a new craft

Organic elements, bright colours and manmade materials combine in an artful mix of traditional and modern techniques.
Shop this look on pages 17–21.

2. ceramicist madoda fani's body of work

With an unlimited source of inspiration, Cape Town-based ceramicist Madoda Fani mixes traditional techniques with modern designs to exquisite effect.
Turn to pages 28–29 for Madoda's inspiring Body of Work.

3. curated collaborations

Designed by Yelda Bayraktar in conjunction with artists and artisans across Africa, Couth is a collection of apparel and homeware that blends art, tradition and modern design.
Discover new African curiosities with Turkish native Yelda Bayraktar.

4. time travel with heather moore

A collection of Mid-Century furniture, vintage objects and carefully selected artworks characterise Skinny laMinx founder Heather Moore and artist Paul Edmunds' Cape Town apartment.
Explore the creative couple's lovingly refurbished Gardens apartment on pages 62–69.

5. in the kitchen with wesley randles

Wes Randles of The Shortmarket Club in Cape Town pushes the culinary envelope with dishes that celebrate unusual tastes and textures. Create Fresh Fig with Brinjal Purée, Springbok Loin in Caperitif jus with Salt-baked Celeriac; Oyster Mushroom and Smoked Bone Marrow and Roasted Nectarine; Salsa Macha with Fresh Tomatoes; and more in your own kitchen. (Keep your digital eyes peeled for 'Hanging with the Randles', an exclusive interview with Wes and his wife Juliet, coming soon to HL's YouTube Channel.)

6. a taste of peru

Once harshly dubbed 'Lima the Ugly', Peru's capital hasn't had an easy time shaking its cruel nickname, but cities don't need a particular kind of beauty when they have massively rich culture, food and history to offer.
Although not postcard-perfect like other parts of Peru, Lima has its own hidden treasure. Start planning your trip on pages 106–111.