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6 Reasons to Buy our October Issue

Our glittering, gilded October 2016 issue is a tribute to the pursuit of innovation and newness - it's about a new wave of style, a new class of creatives, new movements in a local neighbourhood and new creative spaces. Here are a few of the highlights you'll find between the start and end of this special edition.

the 2016 new generation of talent

From pages 44 to 55 we get up-close-and-personal with the most visionary minds of 2016, from an up-and-coming floral designer to a gifted trend researcher. These creatives are shaking up and defining their respective industries - they're the ones to keep an eye on.

scenes from a Japanese love story

Our 'Love this Look' spread on pages 17 to 22 is inspired by Yukio Mishima's iconic Japanese love story Spring Snow. It inspires with scenes that bring together delicate tradition with stark modernism, washed in a romantic palette of soft pinks, powerful reds and rose gold.

homes of stature

As always, we offer you inspiration for your own home by inviting you to look inside three beautiful dwellings, including a renovated family home in Joburg, a colourful space in an old industrial building in London's Shoreditch and a private villa in De Kelders (pages 58 to 85).

a bevy of berry recipes

Be inspired to try your hand at making perfect-for-summer dishes like peppercorn and berry tart, raspberry and white-chocolate truffles and berry-pepper slush with the help of the recipes on pages 97 to 102.

travelling to Thanda

We take you to the unimaginably beautiful Thanda Island, which lies east of mainland Tanzania, on pages 104 to 109. This tiny idyllic destination uses imaginative design to reimagine opulence, luxury and privacy, and can be explored in a matter of minutes by picking up our October issue.

lessons from an eco-conscious home

From page 111 to 117, we showcase a remarkable three-storey green home in Joburg and draw out practical tips and advice for anyone looking to embrace an environmentally conscious lifestyle. The HL October 2016 issue is on shelves from Monday 19 September. Subscribe to receive your issue of House and Leisure every month at Save Save