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5 must-visit restaurants designed by El Equipo Creativo


Barcelona-based interior design studio El Equipo Creativo has been featured numerous times for its creative, playful and innovative restaurant designs. From fairytale escapes to chic, conservatory-style spaces, we've chosen 5 of our favourite restaurant interiors by this forward-thinking team.

OneOcean Club

El Equipo Creativo With a brief to create a restaurant that's both relaxed and sophisticated, El Equipo Creativo chose to inject a Mediterranean atmosphere into OneOcean Club. The result is warm and romantic without being too predictable. The timeless design allows the exterior to bleed into the interior, emphasising the area's gorgeous view of OneOcean Port Vell.

Ikibana restaurant

El Equipo Creativo A fusion of Japanese and Brazilian cuisines was the inspiration behind the design of Ikibana restaurant. To find a singularity between the quiet minimalism of Japan and the lush, bustling lifestyle of Brazil, El Equipo Creativo came up with a landscape that represents the importance of nature in both cultures – so the ceiling forms a forest of branches, the green facade creates a soothing divide between the outside and inside, and vibrancy comes from the colour explosion atop each of the tables.

Blue Wave cocktail bar

El Equipo Creativo Technically a part of the OneOcean Club, the Blue Wave cocktail bar is beautiful enough to highlight on its own – it was even voted Best Designed Bar in the world by the 2016 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. Conceived as a wave, the interiors are composed of tiny, reflective elements and cool hues, while the use of a single material on the floors, walls and ceiling creates the feeling of being underwater.

La Dolça at Tickets

El Equipo Creativo Enter the world of desserts, pastries and magical interiors that look like they're straight out of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. The dessert-based version of Tickets restaurant, La Dolça aims to bring out your inner child – and with a ceiling made of giant strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries and flowers, it'll certainly appeal to your sense of wonder.

Pakta restaurant

El Equipo Creativo The most recent restaurant to join the ranks of El Equipo Creativo, Pakta Restaurant is essentially a giant loom. Pakta means 'together', or 'union' in the Quechua language of Peru, and this is reflected in the cuisine, where Japanese is the basis of the nikkei gastronomy that is clothed in Peruvian tastes, colours, traditions and ingredients. The interior design reflects this by wrapping up a minimal Japanese interior inside a colourful Peruvian-inspired woven 'box'.