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5 reasons to own our Small Spaces issue

In House and Leisure's March 2017 issue we focus on small spaces, rounding up four of South Africa's coolest compact homes. We also zone in on prints and patterns for new ways to liven up your living space. Here's a taste of what to expect in this month's magazine.

1. An eclectic take on compact living

Size doesn't matter – it's what you do with it that counts. The proof is in the pages of House and Leisure's Small Spaces issue, which features an Art Deco flat in Illovo (page 50), a cool, pocket-sized property in Hout Bay (page 58), a treasure trove in Green Point (page 66) and an open-plan Fresnaye pad (page 74).

2. Material world

We paired up with photographer Paul Samuels to create a beautiful series of portraits that showcase patterned and textured interiors fabrics in earthy hues (page 14). Want to delve into this month's theme? Tag your photos on Instagram with #HLPatternPlay to share your finds with us.

3. The Robertson Small Hotel

In the quaint valley of Robertson lies a petite five-star hotel that's been restored, transformed and infused with exquisite South African design. We get the inside scoop (page 84).

4. The art of cooking

An artist's home in Woodstock, Cape Town, is also home to Maia du Plessis' cooking studio, where she dreams up Mediterranean-inspired dishes in a space full of local artworks. In this issue, we join Maia and five creative friends around the dinner table (page 94).

5. A guide to Mexico City

If you appreciate a gritty city and all of its offerings, read about the 2018 design capital of the world in our March issue. Find out where to sleep, eat, shop, and what to drink and see in Mexico City (page 108). Get House and Leisure's March 2017 in stores or online.