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5 reasons to embrace your dark side with the #HLBacktoBlackIssue

Inspired by the works of Rick Owens and Michèle Lamy – a fascination with all things dark, nomadic and ritualistic – birthed the perfect narrative for our annual 'Back to Black' Transformation issue. We've lined up homes that touch on the spirit of eccentricity and boldness: spaces that march to their own drum, design-wise, and homeowners who love all things monotone. We hope you enjoy getting Back to Black with us and the #HLBacktoBlackIssue.

1. novel noir

Black speaks to black in this month's #HLCurate shoot, with striking basics plus energetic patterns and tactile extras for contrast. Don't miss the modern-meets-monochrome inspiration that helped shape the theme for this enigmatic issue. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for drool-worthy inspo.
Photograph: Greg Cox

2. angle poise

This bold and sculptural alteration in Cape Town is a masterclass in the richness and sensuality of a darker colour palette. Rather than forbidding, the house imparts a sense of warmth, offsetting the verdance in and around it in a way that makes it seem somehow elemental – like an abstracted part of its surrounds. Read and explore more on pages 64–71.
Photograph: Greg Cox/Bureaux

national treasury

Cape Town has gained another major cultural asset in the form of the new Norval Foundation, a remarkable destination museum of art. See why this is a pinpoint destination on pages 90–94.
Photograph: Inge Prins

darkest hour

Sleek cocktails and simple yet sophisticated snacks set the scene for a noir soiree with a difference. Turn to pages 100–106 for the likes of activated charcoal and basil cocktail; T-bone steak slices with thyme butter and roasted garlic; botanical gin fizz; and hot and sour fish ceviche from experiential food stylist and immersive recipe developer Caro de Waal.
Photograph: Hein van Tonder

land of fire and ice

In just 48 hours or so, you can explore all the food, culture and design that makes Iceland's capital Reykjavik one of the world's most liveable cities. Blogger Natalie Roos gives us the lowdown on pages 108–112.
Photograph: Natalie Roos