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34th Durban International Film Festival

The Durban International Film Festival is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated events in Durban’s social and cultural diary. This year, the festival plays host to no less than 72 feature films, 48 documentaries and 45 short films in conjunction with a comprehensive workshop and seminar programme. The screenings started last week, with a hint of controversy as the opening film was refused classification by the Film and Publication Board. Despite this, festivalgoers can look forward to a range of themes, including a focus on American Independents and the ever-popular Zombie genre. A total of 250 screenings are taking place, across 11 Durban venues, including The  Upstairs and The Blue Waters Hotel. You’ll get the opportunity to view award-winning international films, as well as learn more about local cinema and its evolution. The festival runs until the 28 July 2013 and the full programme is available here. The Wavescape Film Festival, in partnership with the main film festival is also screening several surfing and shark films. Text Nadia van der Mescht