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2016's Mood Board


There’s a reason we talk about how positive experiences bring 'colour' to our lives. Different shades, tints and tones have the power to inspire, excite, energise and refresh us – it's why we all pay careful attention to colour when we’re painting our walls, hanging curtains, picking furniture and adorning our shelves. But if you're making such decisions with no guidance, it can be very difficult to find the precise shades that evoke the mood that you're after. That's where Plascon's annual Colour Forecast publication comes in. A tradition that started back in 1999, this trend report from South Africa's leading paint manufacturer highlights palettes across various specific themes that serve as something of a mood board for the year to come. So, if you're hungry for inspiration, look no further than the beautiful series of images below. Each depicts a particular theme that captures a particular atmosphere and evokes specific emotions. They're the perfect place to start if you're keen to bring some colour into your life but you're not sure which scheme works best for you and your space.

earthly inspiration

PlasconElement A depiction of the ELEMENT theme, this image illustrates the palette's focus on soft neutrals and chalky hues that take their cue from geology and the shades of the landscape around us. The look is also dominated by raw textures and the gradation of tones.

heavens above

PlasconDiscovery Taking inspiration from all the tones that colour the sky as day turns to night and vice versa, the DISCOVERY theme feature cool, soothing shades punctuated by pops of bright sunset hues, like the pink and yellow we see in the towels on the chair. If you're keen to adopt this palette, you can play with light-to-dark ombrés, powdery applications and bands of colour.

upbeat exuberance

PlasconConnect This scene captures the essence of the CONNECT theme, which is all about the sort lively, flashy colours and bold geometric shapes that characterised the Memphis movement. It's the sort of palette that pops off the walls, grabs attention and exudes confidence.

rich sensuality

PlasconHeirloom Our favourite colour theme for 2016, HEIRLOOM, as seen in this image, is all about rich, indulgent tones that give a nod to the full, luxurious colours of Renaissance paintings. If you're eager to apply this one, you'll need to look to moody tones, a careful light-and-dark balance and sensual textures.