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15 Winter Essentials

As the temperature starts to drop, so our tendency to hole up indoors increases, and it's fairly essential we're surrounded by homeware that makes hibernating that much more enjoyable. Here we've selected 15 decor items and furnishings that'll not only help you get through the chilly season but that'll add a touch of class to winter too.

1. velvet scatters

Add a layer of velvet luxury to your couch or bed this winter with these gorgeous scatter cushions. They're available in an assortment of colours from Boardmans stores and online at velvetcushion

2. potting around

Make sure you don’t let go of your green fingers during the chilly months – choose a few evergreen plants to pot in these tall round planters from La Grange Interiors. They'll bring a bit of life to an otherwise dreary day. planter

3. take the plunge

Fill your home with the heavenly aroma of coffee brewing using this French press from @home. The copper lid adds a touch of warm metallic sheen to the kitchen. plunger

4. wrap up in loveliness

Winter is all about cuddling up on a couch, and a wonderfully soft blanket is key to this comforting experience. Volpes stocks the below chunky knitted option that's just waiting to warm you this season. blanket

5. hot, hot, hot

Winter just wouldn't be the same without a hot water bottle by your side. If you don't already have one tucked away in a cupboard, you could treat yourself to a bottle wrapped in soft grey felt from @home. hotwater

6. chic kitchenware

There’s just something about sipping on a steaming cappuccino or slurping down hot porridge that makes wintery mornings that much more bearable. Le Creuset helps to add a chic edge to the enjoyment of these drinks and meals with its stylish range of mugs and bowls, which will soon be available in Mist Grey too. lecreuset

7. deep slumber

Comfort is key to ensuring you sleep soundly all the way through those dark, chilly nights, and that’s exactly what Ligne Roset offers in the form of its contemporary high-end bed designs. bed

8. knitted impressions

Imagine a wallpaper that could instantly make you feel embraced with cosyness. This lovely option from Dreamweaver Studios has that ability considering it looks just like a knitted blanket or jersey. wallpaper

9. flame shade

This interesting candle shade from Vintage Vista references bare winter trees with its beaded pattern, but still adds warmth to a room thanks to the flickering glow of the flame. candleshade

10. very berry

Featuring delicious, warm berry tones, the Mona Lisa chair from Leon at CCXIX is the perfect spot to cosy up with a book when it's blustery outside. monalisa

11. snug storage

Even your storage items can reflect a wintery feel - take these two-tone grey felt baskets from H&M Home, for example. storage

12. woolly mammoths

Jute Berber-inspired rugs from Gonsenhausers are so plush and fluffy, they allow you to walk around barefoot during winter without feeling the cold. rug

13. forest fragrance

Scented candles instantly add ambience to a room and help its inhabitants to feel relaxed. During the frigid months, this Pine Forest scented candle from H&M Home will help create the sense that you're tucked away in a log cabin. scent

14. all bronzed up

Give your plants some lustre this with Ceramic Factory's shimmering planters. Bronze and darker metallic versions are this winter's must-haves. ceramic

15. to a tea

Taking the time to brew a hot cup of tea adds simple pleasure to a cold day. A range of amazing Nigiro tea infusions, including fruit teas, rooibos, jasmine oolong, are available from tea