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10 Healthy Seating Tips

HL chatted to the Dauphin HumanDesign Group, who specialise in ergonomic seating, about the benefits of healthy seating habits. Why is it important to sit properly? Experts estimate that we spend up 80 000 hours of our lives sitting down, which contrary to popular belief is deemed the most unnatural position to be in.  Poor seating habits often lead to the incorrect curvature in your spine, which then in turn lead to us suffering from headaches, tension, impaired digestions and backache. It has even been reported that back pain is the most common reason for absenteeism in the work place.  All these factors, coupled with the fact that sitting incorrectly can block a free flow of oxygen to our brain can then impact negatively on our concentration levels. Sitting correctly can help to encourage better blood circulation between the upper legs and the body, assist and encourage with an S-shaped posture, which we aim for, rather than the usual slouching C-posture most computer operators adopt, which is responsible for the aforementioned ailments. What are your top 10 tips for healthy sitting? 1. Always place your feet flat on the floor. 2. Always maintain contact with the backrest. 3. Correct your bearing if you slide forwards on the seat. 4. Avoid extreme bending to one side whilst seated. 5. Only reach down to objects near the floor by bending forwards over the legs. 6. Do not cross your legs when sitting forwards. 7. Practice active, dynamic sitting as often as possible. 8. Train an upright posture without backrest every now and then, provided the chair has an automatic seat tilt adjustment. 9. When standing up and sitting down, always bring the centre of gravity for the extended upper part of the body over your knees. 10. Perform regular exercise at your workplace. Visit Dauphin's website for more information about healthy seating. Compiled by Katharyn Williams-Jaftha Images courtesy of Dauphin HumanDesign Group