experience radiance in a Jar

How do you combat the effects of a dry winter on your skin with moisture? Is it possible to counteract the harshness of the elements with something calm? The answer lies in the Holy Grail of Moisturisers, La Mer's The Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream.  Let's have a closer look at the three key ingredients which make this cream the powerhouse it is.

Miracle Broth

Miracle Broth™, with its water-rich, whipped formula, sinks into your skin and leaves it feeling refreshed. Hand-harvested sea kelp, marine minerals and nutrients are all unlocked through a natural fermentation process – a time-intensive craft. This healing, cell-renewing ingredient positively surges with vital energies and lies is at the heart of all La Mer products.

Micro Oil Gel Capsules

A sensuous sphere of moisture, surrounded by droplets of Miracle Broth™ and Miracle Broth™ oils, created through a high-energy dispersion process. Wrapped in a cool kelp gel and formulated to keep skin calm, cool and refreshed.

Lime Tea

An antioxidant powerhouse designed to neutralise free radicals and protect skin from environmental stress and pollution. This zesty ingredient reduces inflammation caused by external stressors and inhibits premature ageing. Infuse your skin with sea-sourced renewing energies that combine expertly and beautifully in a luxurious, indulgent experience that offers your skin the best defence against possible dryness. *This is a sponsored post. Brought to you by La Mer.