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DIY: Nourishing lash and brow serum

Georgia East

Lash and brow growth serum

A nourishing blend of plant oils to help stimulate growth while keeping lashes and brows hydrated and looking radiant. What you’ll need
  • 3ml castor seed 
  • 2ml avocado oil
  • 5ml naturally derived vitamin E (roughly two capsules)
  • 5ml rosemary essential oil (roughly 10 drops or less)
  • A clean mascara wand or cotton bud, 10ml dark glass bottle and a small mixing bowl
In a 10ml dark glass bottle (the colour preserves the serum), combine the castor seed and avocado oil. Then add the vitamin E and lastly, the rosemary essential oil. Shake lightly to blend the oils together. The application Use a cotton bud or a clean mascara wand to brush the serum into your lashes and brows every night. Any leftover serum can used as a scalp and hair treatment oil to nourish your hair and add moisture. The benefits Castor seed helps to thicken hair and promote growth, while avocado moisturises. Vitamin E improves circulation to the hair follicles and rosemary essential oil aids in increasing cellular metabolism that stimulates the hair follicle – both of which encourage healthy hair growth. With regular use, your brows and lashes will look healthier and noticeably thicker.
This vegan recipe is by Ashleigh-Jane Denton of Deity Skin. Read our Q&A with her, here.
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