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we talk luxury with zizipho poswa and maira koutsoudakis

When it comes to producing luxury products and curating luxury spaces, who better to share their insights than Zizipho Poswa – Founder of Imiso Ceramics, and Maira Koutsoudakis – CEO of the LIFE Group of companies and LIFE Interiors, Architecture and Strategic Design. These two inspirational women shared their thoughts on sustainability, the inspiration they draw from nature, the use of high quality materials and more.
Zizipho Poswa, Founder of Imiso Ceramics

On drawing inspiration from nature

'Typically, I work in natural environments – in gorgeous parts of the wilderness and the world. Whether I'm on an island, in the bush or in an urban development, I find that if I just take it easy and allow nature to speak, that's half the job done,' says Maira of her approach to incorporating nature into the spaces she curates. Zizipho shares her approach and says, 'I draw a lot of my inspiration from nature. I love colour and I love texture and I pick those up from different parts of the environment, depending on what it is that inspires me.'
Maira Koutsoudakis, CEO of The LIFE Group of Companies and LIFE Interiors, Architecture and Strategic Design

On sustainability and luxury

'Sustainability and longevity, which are two total cornerstones of our design aesthetic, are based on doing things right the first time. And I really believe that if you use good, solid materials – natural materials, things that speak to the earth, that are from the earth, and will inevitably return to the earth – you engage with materials that matter,' says Maira.

On leaving a legacy

'Legacy, for me, is that indelible footprint you leave behind – something that can only be you,' says Maira. 'It's typically you and has a style that is so intrinsically your own DNA. It's also about who you represent. We've been so honoured to have received 54 international awards. The fact that we represent Africa is, to me, something I'm really happy with.' La Mer, with its approach to sustainability, the inspiration and ingredients it draws from nature, and its use of high-quality materials is a luxury brand known for its legacy. La Mer's The Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream deeply soothes, moisturises and heals dryness, leaving your skin looking naturally vibrant and restored to its healthiest centre. *This is a sponsored post. Brought to you by La Mer.