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Trash transforms to Treasure

Micky Hoyle

Drawn to treasured finds and pops of colour, fashion and decor stylist David Lerouw Lascurain is in his element when he’s giving his Seapoint apartment a fresh new look. A stylist for 15 years, David is finely tuned in to finding that perfect something for a look. 'I’m an impulsive Pisces and when I know, I know!' he says. If his heart is set, good luck dissuading him: he's even climbed into a skip in his quest for decor nirvana – the rescued frame now hangs in the hallway of the sunny Seapoint apartment that he shares with his husband Aitor, revitalised with a coat of vibrant blue lacquer.

'I'm a dumpster diver. I'm very much "one man's trash is another man's treasure."' – David Lerouw Lascurain
david-6004 The small kitchen was made to feel more spacious by removing the cupboard doors and painting the back wall in a jade green.

Big on recycling and refurbishing (his friends know never to throw anything out without checking in first), some of his most treasured items include pieces inherited from his grandmother and those bought from other families, at markets or online. 'People often say, "I've got my mother's old table, it doesn’t go with anything." Get it lacquered in coral, acid yellow or turquoise and give it a new lease of life,' he says.david-6003
'One day your kids will say, "Oh my god, I’ve had this acid yellow table from my mother for years!" Then it's their turn to transform it. It just takes some creative thinking and a bit of courage.' – David Lerouw Lascurain
In this sunny eclectic home, colour is confidently embraced. Blue in its most vibrant shades is David's current go-to tone, from a midnight blue statement wall in the living/dining room to an electric cerulean in the bedroom. 'It’s just paint,' he says cheerfully. 'It can always be changed.'
david-6006 David is not afraid to embrace colour - blue in its most vibrant shades is his current go-to hue. 'The great thing about paint is it can be changed so easily.'

His swear-by trick to incorporating recycled decor is to balance it out with more expensive items, something he thinks people often shy away from – preferring to buy into an entire look from one store. Here, there's creativity round every stylish corner.
'Once I have an idea I have to get it out of my system. And there are a lot of ideas in me.' – David Lerouw Lascurain
david-6002 With its astro turf floor, the balcony is often the spot for summer picnics.

Not that this is a problem: a true stylist at heart David admits that he can’t resist changing the interiors every six months. 'It's like having a new place, all over again.'   MAIN IMAGE: David with his cat, Lucy.