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Tiny Heirloom lets you live big

Tiny Heirloom

Although compact-apartment living is the norm for many, high-quality, personalised spaces that offer comfort yet freedom are becoming highly sought after. Tiny Heirloom is a US-based company that combines portable living with impeccable design. Tiny Heirloom is a family-run business where integral practices and passionate work have paid off. Each project receives unique treatment, and attention to detail is essential in the design process. Featured here, The Tiny Adventure home contains a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dining room and loft-style living room, all in a space small enough to be towed by a car. Bright colours, different types of wood and a well-lit spaciousness make this micro-home comfortable and inviting.  At the push of a button the dining table easily converts to an additional base for a mattress. Not a single bit of space is wasted – even the outside walls have been converted to a climbing surface. For more info, visit