SA's Most Expensive Home

An eight-bedroom home in Camp's Bay, Cape Town is on the market for a cool R445 million, making it the most expensive house for sale in South Africa. Dubbed Casablanca, it was designed in a neoclassical style for 'an international mogul who enjoys lavish entertaining on a grand scale,' according to a listing on Expect Corinthian colonnades in abundance, an Olympic-sized pool, uninterrupted sea views, reception rooms that can accommodate as many as 1000 guests at a time and 13 full bathrooms, along with high tech security features. A 14-car garage that features parquet flooring, pressed ceilings and chandeliers is another feature in this goody bag of opulent living. A down payment of a mere R9 million will get you the house, but you can expect to pay an estimated monthly bill of around R2 million for the pleasure of owning this 1 751-square metre property. In case the idea of R445 million is difficult to get your head around, the advert offers a helpful reminder that you can expect to pay the equivalent of $1000 per square metre... Read the full listing here.   READ MORE: Weird and wonderful decor trends Intimate living in Parkhurst Pets that steal the HL limelight