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Make Memories Stylish

There’s something so important about creating a space that you look forward to spending time in. It’s a priority that Head of Design H&M Home, Evelina Kravaev Soderberg, gives to her apartment in Stockholm. After living there for 17 years with her husband and two children, Evelina describes that space as one filled with wonderful memories, and a place in which she looks forward to making yet more moments worth remembering. She describes falling in love with the apartment because each room was filled with light and air. With muted tones of black, white and grey throughout the house, Evelina has chosen to accentuate this light as the most important feature, using vintage and contemporary designs, textures, personal objects and art, to create interest. ‘[I]t gives me so much pleasure to find a space where I can express myself, and the things that I love,’ Evelina adds in an interview with H&M Stockholm. hm3 She and her partner have not done too much by way of alterations in the apartment. ‘We’ve expanded the bathroom, because the bedroom was so huge, and we’ve also made a bit of a bigger opening between the dining room and the living area. But otherwise, it’s beautiful. It’s old cupboards and the original doors, and we like to keep it that way,’ she explains. In terms of adding their personal touch to the interior, Evelina says, ‘Over the years we have slowly built up our collection of furniture, focusing on mid-20th Century pieces by designers such as Eames and Aalto, along with vintage finds and pieces that I love from H&M Home.’ In spite of her love of design, art and beautiful things, she has made sure that her home is lived in – a place where the family truly feel at ease. ‘I love a home to feel lived in, so that you can sense people’s characters and that they enjoy their life in the space.’ hm7 She is interested in ensuring that each room remains functional, that it works with the general needs and requirements of the family. ‘The furniture is there because it works for us, and also gives us pleasure,’ she explains, adding that she does like to bring back new pieces from H&M Home that add fresh interest and a design twist to the space, and who could blame her? But mostly, her possessions each spark a fond memory. ‘To me, the apartment feels alive, like it has its own character and is a part of the family itself.’ hm1