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Magpie's Nest

Greg Cox

Take a visual tour through the historic Wellington farmhouse owned by Ceramic Matters founders Anthony Harris and Gerhard Swart - this fascinating dwelling was first built in 1714.

CM3 When Anthony and Gerhard bought the old house, they broke through a knotty pine ceiling in the kitchen to reveal the original beamed reed roof and resurfaced the floor with black and white tiles. The fireplace was designed by Gerhard based on original Rumford designs and the table comes from his oupa's farm.

CM1All the rooms in the house are testament to the fact that the owners are obsessive collectors. Everywhere you'll find a miscellany of period and contemporary furniture, African sculptures, religious paraphernalia, ceramic works and art.

CM5 The floral wallpaper in this bedroom has been here since the 1940s and is echoed in the decorative quilt on the bed.

CM4 A collection of old Staffordshire and Delftware mingles with pieces from China and India and a few Ceramic Matters originals on the shelves of an heirloom cabinet in the kitchen.

CM2 One of the most striking features of the house is a double-hinged shuttered window encased in an internal wall that used to be external before haphazard alterations were made by several previous owners.

CM6 Gerhard walks through the garden with dogs Marble and Fifi.

CM7 An Italian architect and prisoner of war was responsible for the addition of the colonnaded veranda at some point in the house's history. The Moroccan furniture was a gift from friends.

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