Sting’s massive Central Park West duplex apartment sold for $50M
The two-storey penthouse features a custom freestanding fireplace and a floating staircase
The perfect sunny escape in a luxury Spanish villa
Located in the picturesque village of Sóller, it's got all the makings of an ideal summer-holiday house
A boxy and bright house in Essex
The structured and linear exterior of this airy Essex home belies the playful and colourful interior within
Quiet time
This cool, contemporary Joburg home is all about serene, pared-down luxury
A great escape in Plettenberg Bay
A pure-white off-the-grid holiday home in the pristine natural mountainside
When you arrive at this low-slung, ground-hugging white holiday home just inland from Plettenberg Bay, its greatest asset remains invisible. In fact, the spectacular views the home commands from its clifftop promontory have deliberately been obscured. As you cross the raised meadow from your point of arrival, the house forms a s
Discussion piece
Contemporary SA art is designed to provoke debate in this Hout Bay pad
Colour Therapy
A knockout art collection adds vibrancy
Dark Materials
A modern home dramatically layers concrete with timber and other tactile detailing
Settle into Amazing Grace
Grand in scale and classic in concept, this Constantia villa makes for an opulent but restful family home
Take the Trends Home
This contemporary modernist home speaks to why trends matter
Architecture is known as the slowest moving of all the arts. Compared to fashion design, say, houses progress glacially so architecture tends to be the last thing to pick up trends and the slowest to let them go. Negotiating fashion’s fickleness is complicated by the fact that the most distinctive and lasting designs tend to be most perfectly of their place and age. The trick to being of your time but beyond fashion seems to lie in the question of influence. This house, designed by Bryan Dunstan of bd Studio Architects and subtly altered for a subsequent owner by Nabeel Essa of Office 24-7, is an excellent example