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Live in just 2x4 metres

Daniel Venneman

Netherlands-based architect Daniel Venneman specialises in designing very compact housing. His latest work is called the 'The Porta Palace' and has the advantage of easy mobility. Venneman's 'Porta Palace' can be easily moved from one location to another but has all the comforts of a traditional house. It is 2.55 meters in width, 4 meters long and only weighs 3,500 kilograms. Its major advantage is that you have everything you need within the legal boundaries and weight to transport the house on the road yourself with a normal driver's license. The frame of the house is made of timber and has a steel roof: nearly all of which can be recycled. It has façades of glass as well as windows in the bed and bathroom that enable you to see through the house. This works to create a sense of space. So, even though the house may take up little space, it doesn't feel small on the inside. The starting price for the Porta Palace is 35 000 euros or approximately . The Porta Palace is also eco-friendly and will ultimately generate its own energy. Venneman plans to add solar panels to provide electricity and the steel and glass used in its construction is recyclable. As for plumbing, the Porta Palace has a dry toilet which flushes without water. 03_pp_exterior_.364c7151030.h0 Venneman says he got inspiration for the Tiny Houses following a conversation with one of his clients who wanted to find a way to live in closer contact with nature in a house really his own. That was just the beginning. Venneman says that 'in the end, the project is all about finding more affordable and qualitative ways to live more sustainable.' He is now working on developing entire Tiny Villages which will be comprised of between five and 10 small qualitative and mobile housing units on temporary sites. Venneman has clients in the Netherlands and is now getting requests from different parts of Europe. 'This can work because the houses are easily transported,' said Venneman. But Venneman does not think Tiny Houses are for everyone. 'This type of housing is not a solution for everybody. I certainly do not believe that everyone should live in a mobile house which is this compact.' However, the trend may be growing for this type of housing and Venneman said he hopes his project 'will show that it is possible to live according to personal needs and preferences, even if you have a moderate income.'