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Home Truths: Anna Weylandt

Micky Hoyle
anna weylandt The Woodstock, Cape Town, home of Anna Weylandt, furniture buyer at Weylandts, has had its considerable heritage charms enhanced by a cool, contemporary update that celebrates black and white. See it in full on page 72 of our #HLBWIssue, on shelves and online now. In the meantime, read her home truths below. The thing I love most about what I do for a living is creating new products from scratch in Weylandts factories, because the process of something coming to life from a drawing is so rewarding. My earliest memory of beautiful interior design is probably watching my parents design and build our Scarborough beach house. My personal style is forever changing, but is always based on a neutral palette and honest materials. When I want to dress to impress, I wear all black with a statement Pichulik necklace. My favourite local product designers include Pedersen + Lennard, James Mudge and Gregor Jenkin. My best place to gather inspiration is international blogs and magazines. I love that we have access to what is happening around the world in design with a simple click. My most cherished items in my home are my dining chairs that I inherited from my grandparents and my plants – some I’ve had for years. My go-to comfort food is käsespätzle – a German version of mac 'n cheese. Staples in my kitchen cupboard are garlic and fresh chillies and other Asian cuisine staples such as sesame oil, fish sauce and soy. My favourite restaurants are Thali in Gardens, Cape Town, and The Kitchen at Maison Estate in Franschhoek. My ultimate winter indulgence is spending the day indoors, huddled up with a good movie. The one thing I always have to travel with is a comfortable pair of sneakers. Currently the Nike Air Huaraches are my go-to. A country I’ve travelled to that I will never forget is Japan because of its endless beauty and culture. If money were no object, I’d treat myself to a six-month sabbatical, driving across the USA with my boyfriend Ramon. Experiences trump material things anytime. My next dream holiday destination is New York because of the buildings, and I am fascinated by how the city works. If I could change one thing about South Africa, it would be for people to be more positive about our future and stop complaining. I’m currently reading Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind [Harper] by Yuval Noah Harari. Right now, I'm listening to Solange Knowles' A Seat at the Table and about 20 different podcasts – my current favourite is [the radio show] 99% Invisible. I hate it when people think design is easy. I am definitely not a perfectionist – I try to be, but I always see the bigger picture first. When I was younger, I used to think that lots of black eyeliner was cool. I was wrong. All I need to make me happy is my boyfriend Ramon and good food. I’m at my most creative when I get back from travelling and we start thinking about new ranges.
See Anna Weylandt's full home story in our #HLBWIssue, in stores and online now.